This is the GamePack that many have been waiting for. Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with WHITE 4ND N3RDY, we are proud to bring you an exclusive set of JITTER MODS to this new Black Ops 3 Jitter Master GamePack that will literally blow your enemies away.


Designed specifically for those with the StrikePack, not only does this pack include these amazing Jitter MODS, but you also get everything you’ve come to expect from our Call of Duty GamePacks including Rapid Fire with Dual Easy, Drop Shot, Scope Shot, Jump Shot and Side Shot, Quick Scope, Anti-Recoil, Sniper Breath, Easy Sprint, the new Reload & Slide and Button Layouts supporting ALL 15 Available Modes!


A very special thanks to GamePack legend KittyDawn (Andrew). Extra thanks to WHITE 4ND N3RDY and FATALFOX for their work with the excellent Jitter MOD’s.


Instructions for Black Ops 3 Jitter Master StrikePack GamePack


GamePack Classes and Mods