The Destiny GamePack is an entirely fresh approach to how GamePacks are written. Here is an introduction from Strike Pack community GPC scripter and GamePack designer, KittyDawn.


“Welcome to the alternative GamePack for Destiny.


In this pack, I have omitted the quick sub-class change mod in favour of a Fusion Rifle and Suros Regime MOD.


So, as with my other packs, I made this one from scratch. No copied code, I made it all for this game


You may have noticed that the classes aren’t in the usual order. I decided to put the button layout mods at the top because if you don’t have the correct one selected, then none of the mods will work correctly!


The Fusion Rifle MOD will keep charging your Fusion rifle while the Suros MOD is designed to increase the fire rate when aiming down the sights once the upgrade to increase damage has been unlocked. The upgrade increases the damaged while slowing the firing rate when aiming down the sights. The mod increases it again. This makes the gun quite overpowered and certainly gives you the upper hand.

These were a couple of MOD’s which I couldn’t fit into the original pack even though I wanted to. So, for those that would have preferred to see them in the pack, I put this alternative pack together.





GamePack Classes and Mods