The Destiny GamePack is an entirely fresh approach to how GamePacks are written. Here is an introduction from Strike Pack community GPC scripter and GamePack designer, KittyDawn.


“I hope you enjoy this GamePack as it was a labor of love. I spent over 80 hours playing Destiny to create it and have so far spent another 200+ hours tweaking it.


I think Destiny is something special and rather than just make a generic GamePack, I wanted to put something together that was worthy of this great title. Other than just copy the Battlefield 4 template and change a few things around like other GamePack designers seem to have done (for example others have Bunny Hop – what’s the point? Destiny is mainly made of small closed spaces. No one bunny hops while playing as you only end up getting caught on something, and you can’t prone in the game so drop shot is also useless – things like that, so why put mods in there that do not even apply to the game? The simple answer is, they have probably never played the game – it’s like they pulled a few scripts from the GPC library and used a bit of code uploaded by users without even knowing how the game works. You guys deserve something better.


So, as with my other packs, I made this one from scratch. No copied code, I made it all for this game.


You may have noticed that the classes aren’t in the usual order. I decided to put the button layout mods at the top because if you don’t have the correct one selected, then none of the mods will work correctly!


It is easy to miss these options when they are buried at the bottom and below MOD’s that you’ll probably never use


I’m a gamer, I make GamePacks for the gamers with MOD’s that are relevant. I don’t simply copy from the other packs or use other peoples scripts, I make them all from scratch.


I hope my work makes the game more enjoyable and as well as bringing you more useful packs, I’ll update current packs and do what I can to add what you want.


Take care and if you were the person I killed in the crucible to win the match while on a 10+ kill streak, I’m not sorry :p




GamePack Classes and Mods