Dominator Upgrade

Dominator Upgrade Available NOW! Download the StrikeMax software below to update your Strike Pack immediately to the Dominator Upgrade for the biggest update yet!”

StrikeMax Software User Instructions

  1. Turn off any Anti-Virus software.  You can turn Anti-Virus back on after installing StrikeMax.
  2. Download the StrikeMax Software CLICK HERE.
  3. Run the setup.exe file.  Follow the on screen instructions. (You will need to have both the paddles pressed when connecting the Strike Pack device to the computer)
  4. If prompted to download for a Game Pack update, please click OK.
  5. If prompted for a firmware update, please click OK.

System Requirements:  Windows 7 or higher, One free USB 2.0 or higher port
NOTE:  Windows 8.1 or higher recommended.  Please note driver install times vary by Operating system and Computer hardware. Please be patient and allow the Strike Pack drivers to fully install before unplugging from the computer.

StrikeMax GAME PACK Instructions

1.     To add a Game Pack to your device, simply select it from the “Gamepacks” list on the TOP LEFT window.  Once highlighted, just drag it into your desired “Memory Slot”.

2.     Once in the Memory Slot, the instructions for that particular Game Pack will appear in the “Instructions” window on the right.  Here you will find the information you need to adjust the Game Pack away from the software when the StrikePack device is attached to your console.  You MUST “Program Device Slots” to add a Game Pack to the StrikePack device.  The information in the windows also details what each “Class” and “Mod” do when activated. 

3.     You can also customize the Game Pack settings on your PC using the Strike Max software.  For example, you may want to start by adjusting the “Primary Rapid Fire”.  Simply select this from the dropdowns in the “Gamepack Config” window.

4.     In this case you may want to activate “Optimized Rapidfire”.  Simply choose “Optimized Rapidfire” from the drop down menu.  In order to keep this setting you MUST click on “Save Configuration”.  You do not have to save after each setting change in a Game Pack, but before you leave that Game Pack you MUST click on “Save Configuration”.  If done correctly, you will see a “Configuration Saved” window come up.  Just click on OK to continue.

5.      Once done with your Game Pack Config you MUST “Program Device Slots” to add a Game Pack to the StrikePack device.  To do this simply click on “Program Device Slots”.

6.       If the StrikePack device is programmed successfully you will see a “Total slots programmed: X” message appear.  Your StrikePack device is now loaded with your Game Packs.  Click OK to continue.  You can now disconnect your StrikePack device from your PC and use with your Xbox One console and all of the settings chosen will be ready for use.

7.     To remove the Game Packs on your StrikePack device simply select the Game Pack (s) you want to remove by clicking on the checkbox to the right of it’s name in the Memory Slots list and then click on “Remove Selected”.  You can select one or more Game Packs at once for removal.  You will receive a message screen in the Gamepack Config window letting you know the Game Pack has been removed from that Slot.

StrikeMax Re-Mapper Instructions

1. To Re-Map buttons choose the “Remapper and Settings” option from the “Tools” menu on the StrikeMax screen.

2. The Re-Mapper allows any button to be mapped to another. For instance, if you prefer to press bthe button to jump in COD instead of the default abutton, its as simple as selecting the dropdown that is line connected to the controller bgbutton on the Re-Mapper controller, and choosing “A”. Now the game will think you have pressed the abutton in the game and execute the corresponding action, when in fact you actually pressed the b button.

3.  It is important to remember that every controller function must be mapped out.  So as per the earlier example, before the configuration can be saved, you must select the  agbutton on the Re-Mapper and choose “B” from the dropdown.

4.  To save your re-mapped configuration to the StrikePack device, CLICK to checkmark “Enable Remapper” and the choose “Save Settings to StrikePack”.  If done correctly, you will see a “Saved Settings successfully” window.  Just click OK to continue and close the window when done.


5.      If you check “Disable Rumble” as well and then “Save Settings to StrikePack” then when your controller receives rumble commands from games it will ignore and not rumble.  Some players find rumble distracting, so this is a great option to have.

6. The Left and Right paddles can also be assigned from the Re-Mapper screen.  Simply click on the menu box beside the corresponding “Paddle Right” or “Paddle Left” and choose from the list what you want that paddle to be assigned to.  Remember to make sure and checkbox “Enable Re-mapper” and to click on “Save Settings to StrikePack” before disconnecting the StrikePack device.

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