Video Tutorials


If your having trouble installing the StrikeMax software watch this.  The install process is demonstrated along with a few StrikeMax tips.


Wondering how to assign buttons or bumpers to your paddles? Check out this video showing how simple the Strike Pack makes it.


Did you know you can change Game Pack settings without using the StrikeMax PC software? This video shows you how to do just that!


Looking for more powerful features? The Strike Pack and Strike Max software allow advanced button sequences to be assigned to the paddles. Watch how the Strike Pack enables Mortal Kombat X players to launch Fatalities at will. Also featured is the Snap Channel, a cool usage of “Snap an App” on your Xbox One console that put the Game Pack instructions right on your console while you play!


Windows 7 – Installation Video

starwars mortalkombat gta5 farcry4 dyinglights desitny COD3 COD_AW 60secs

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